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DISORDERS - Eating/Sleeping/ Sexual


Eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia nervosa and other binge eating disorders. Eating disorders can affect people of all ages and genders, and can have serious psychological and physical consequences.


Physical symptoms

 Sudden or rapid weight loss
 Frequent changes in weight
 Sensitivity to the cold (feeling cold most of the time, even in warm environments)
 Loss or disturbance of menstrual periods (females)
 Signs of frequent vomiting – swollen cheeks / jawline, calluses on knuckles, or damage to teeth
 Fainting, dizziness
 Fatigue – always feeling tired, unable to perform normal activities

Psychological symptoms

 Increased preoccupation with body shape, weight and appearance
 Intense fear of gaining weight
 Constant preoccupation with food or with activities relating to food
 Extreme body dissatisfaction/ negative body image
 Distorted body image (eg. complaining of being/feeling/looking fat when actually a healthy weight or underweight)
 Heightened sensitivity to comments or criticism about body shape or weight, eating or exercise habits
 Heightened anxiety around meal times
 Depression or anxiety
 Moodiness or irritability
 Low self-esteem (eg. feeling worthless, feelings of shame, guilt or self-loathing)
 Feelings of life being ‘out of control’
 Feelings of being unable to control behaviors around food
 Fear of growing up/taking on adult responsibility