SINCE 1974



Counseling can be defined as an emotional support provided by a certain professionals using various skills, techniques and therapies to help people to cope with their own life situations. Instead of making suggestions  and giving advices, counselors help the service users to be aware of their own strengths and capacities. So the solutions or the decisions come from the service users themselves.

The special advantage you get when you meet a counselor is, you can say even the worst thoughts and the craziest ideas without having to worry that he or she might judge you. A good, long narration of those long-overdue expressions of emotions might just be what you need at this point in your life.

Do not hesitate to seek the help and guidance of a counselor to help you regarding your emotions, relationship concerns, and even self-perception. You do not need to wait for a big problem or emotional breakdown.

As physical Check-ups you do, it’s also needed to have your psychological and emotional well-being checked and maintained in order to prevent negative consequences in the future. As the wise people say, prevention is always better than cure.